Change Self Assessment

Making changes in your life and business can sometimes feel overwhelming but an important first step
is identifying areas that may need to be addressed.

Ask yourself the questions below
to get a sense of how you really feel.

1. Do you feel excited about the next phase of your life?

2. Do you know your true value?

3. Do you love your job?

4. Do you feel like your life is lacking something?

5. Are there days you don’t want to go to work?

6. Do you feel things can change?

7. Do you feel people can change?

8. Do you feel you can change?

9. Do your finances stress you out?

10. If you could have a life do-over, would you?

11. Do you have fun?

12. Do you feel tired most of the time?

13. Do you connect with others?

14. Do you procrastinate?

15. Do you feel others are to blame for the situation you are in?

16. Are you worried you will make a mistake?

17. Do you feel strong?

18. Do you feel motivated?

19. Do you feel defeated?

20. Do you put yourself on the back burner?

Understanding is the key

I think it’s awesome you took a step towards understanding where you are at in your life. Sometimes answering questions that we don’t usually ask ourselves can be eye opening. How did those questions make you feel? Inspired? Unsettled? Both? Real transformation begins when you step behind the wheel, open yourself to the path ahead, and intentionally take responsibility for your past, your present, and your future. Creating your life and your work to truly resonates is the ripple effect of conscious action.
How we “show up” to others speaks to our integrity and character.

Building our life and work that resonates is personal. It’s emotional. It’s raw. It’s messy.

Do you remember the scene from Erin Brockovich when all the work she had done starts to crumble before her eyes? Her boss, Ed, says, “You make this personal and it isn’t …” In true, fierce, Erin Brockovich style, she is incredulous and responds with righteous outrage: “Not personal? That’s my work in there. My sweat, my time …! If that’s not personal, I don’t know what is.”

Want to talk?

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