Personal and Professional Coaching Programs

There is a prevailing myth that our personal life does not or should not, affect our professional life. We want to believe we can keep them separate. Distinct. Hidden. In reality what happens at work does have an impact on our time, financial resources and focus just as whatever is going on at home has the ability to impact our productivity at work.

Here are some examples of coaching programs we have walked clients through.
Keep in mind that each session is personalized to be the most impactful for you.

Group Coaching

Our online group program will directly impact your goal setting and execution by supporting each other, learning from each other and having each other’s back. My hope is that the members of these groups help each other in all areas of life and business.

Next Sessions Starting in February 2018

Business and Personal Strategy Session $995

This program is designed for people who are ready to do the work. For people who know they cannot go one more day without making a change. If you are ready to get out of your own way and make REAL and LASTING changes, this is the program for you . 

My committment to you is to provide direct support, a customized accountability plan, step by step action plan and absolutely NO allowance for getting in your own way-in ANY area you need.

  • Business
  • Marriage*
  • Family Dynamics*
  • Career
  • Self

We focus on what you need most-RIGHT NOW and get it DONE!

Participants submit one assessment that requires about 45 minutes to complete. The Primary Needs Assessment is a 84 question online needs assessment that helps identify how you prioritize what you need in your life and your business to better understand how they affect your decisions and goals. 

We will then meet for THREE hours either in person, phone or Zoom where we will get to work in three main areas:

Design ­– We will review and create a report of your Primary Needs Assessment define areas of strength and areas of support related to how you make decisions and how best to prioritize your goals.

Establishing Priorities – Based on your goals, strengths and areas of support identified in the assessment, we will uncover your top actionable priorities. These are the areas “that matter most.”

Build Your Plan ­- With the priorities clearly identified, we will then map out exactly what you need to focus on immediately as well as longer term.

The investment: $995 + applicable taxes.

*For Family Dynamics and Marriage sessions the price remains $995 regardless the number of family participants.

“Raelene Bergen Harder’s unwavering support backed by her depth of knowledge and experience makes her the perfect choice when I am looking for a new perspective. As I’ve gotten to know her over the last six months she continues to impress me with her well honed listening skills. She has the ability to grasp the salient morsels that are needed to move the agenda forward towards the desired goals and outcomes. Raelene articulates the feelings that I could not identify by myself. Raelene is the person you should call to get you going in the right direction”. ­Linda B. Personal Business Strategist.

Executive Coaching

Done most of the ‘Self Help’ work and are ready to define and execute your plan?  This 3 hour intensive is designed to move YOUR agenda ahead?

Need an action plan?

Need an objective perspective to map out your next steps?

Need an accountibility plan?

Our Executive Package is an investment that will benefit you going forward and help you reach the next level in your business or career.

Surviving To Thriving Online Personal Study Program

Consists of 12 full sessions that are emailed to you and are designed to take you through the steps necessary to Design, Define and Execute what you most want in your life.