My time with Raelene has been incredibly life altering, and we have only just begun. She is a master at helping you bring light into dark places and making you feel so safe doing so. Her honesty and caring, no nonsense approach have compelled and allowed me to look inside myself and to really want to make, and believe I can make changes. She coaches with a clarity and a freedom that comes from a belief of something bigger than ourselves.

Lori H.

Raelene is amazing! Talk with her. She’s a great listener and if nothing else helped me open up about aspects of my life I’d told very few people about. Sometimes just talking to someone outside your family and social circle can bring you new perspective and can be a first step in getting both your true self back as well as getting your life back on track. Raelene was a bright light when I was in the dark. There was no judgement and the conversation flowed so naturally. I would recommend that you talk to her even if you are unsure what to say or where to begin. I did and I continue to reap the benefits. It could be that one conversation that gets you your life back.-

David C.

Raelene’s unwavering support backed by her depth of knowledge and experience makes her the perfect choice when I am looking for a new perspective. As I’ve gotten to know her, she continues to impress me with her well-honed listening skills. She has the ability to grasp the salient morsels that are needed to move the agenda forward towards the desired goals and outcomes. Raelene articulates the feelings that I could not identify by myself. Raelene is the person you should call to get you going in the right direction

Linda B.

Raelene is an entrepreneur at heart and has a vast amount of energy and creativity. Raelene has worked diligently at gaining personal insight and growth and now desires to use her experiences and insights in order to help others achieve their personal and professional goals. She can be counted on to be honest, forthright, and wise in her counsel. She is able to balance compassion with a direct approach to helping others work through challenges. I would not hesitate to recommend Raelene to anyone who requires a compassionate, level-headed approach to resolving issues and pursuing personal or professional goals.

Allison M.

Raelene puts care and innovation into everything she does, from raising her children, to making the best petite cheesecakes to helping other entrepreneurial souls. She puts care in all she does for others, and now through this marvellous program, she can help you too. Bravo Raelene!

Sandra T.

I got so tired of burdening my friends and family with my indecision. Raelene was such a positive influence and helped me change my perspective. She helped me realize that trusting my instincts and setting up an action plan was what I needed to confidently move forward with my business. Thanks Raelene.

Chris M.

One of the hardest things to do is rewire your brain. In less than half of my sessions, Raelene helped me do this and my life has improved dramatically ever since. One of the best things about this program is that it adapts along the way in whichever way is needed. The information in the workbook is extremely beneficial and covers things that people can go their entire life without discovering. Meeting my coach, Raelene, was truly a blessing. She has a gift of not only listening but hearing and guiding you towards amazing decisions and possibilities.

Thank you Raelene!

Megan B.